Livermore has a diverse and vibrant arts community, including numerous
performing arts groups and a thriving visual arts community.
There is an opera company, a theater company, and several symphony orchestras.
Most of these organizations are members of the Livermore Cultural Arts Council.


The Arts Council meets at 7:30 on the first Wednesday of the month, at the
Robert Livermore Community Center at 4444 East Avenue, in Livermore.
Meetings are open to the public.

Tuesday Tunes Returns!

The popular summer concerts in front of the Bankhead Theater are coming back to downtown Livermore. A family-friendly weekly concert and performance series, “Tuesday Tunes with a Twist”, will bring you 11 presentations, including groups that performed last year and added groups that feature some of Livermore’s own cultural arts organizations. The first concert will kick off Tuesday July 22 at 6:45 pm with a performance by Suzanna Spring & The Surly Jack@sses, a group of amazing and versatile Bay area players.


"Our second Movie Event was a success. Nearly 100 people came to the Vine Theater on Saturday, June 7, to watch and sing along with the classic movie 'The Wizard of Oz'.   A number of people even dressed up for the occassion (see below)."

Kathy Streeter and Chuck Hartwig
Catherine Ngundu-Case
The 3 witches are Kathy Streeter, Nancy Mulligan, Sally Dunlop
image on the bottom